Fakfak Washington is a starting point page to promote Fakfak Economic Potentials  and Investment Opportunities based on the first Business  Meeting of  the Vice Governor of West Papua, Mohamad Lakatani, SH. M.Si  and the Regent of Fakfak, DR. Muhammad Uswanas, M.Si  the Chairman and the members of the US-ASEAN Business Council at the Embassy of Indonesia in Washington D.C. on 30th July 2o19. The meeting was organized jointly by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Regency of Fakfak and the US-ASEAN Business Council and chaired by H.E. Mahendra Siregar, Ambassador of Indonesia to the United States of America. The Fakfak Economy and Investment potentials presented by Mr. Joel Rohrohmana, Overseas Advisor of Fakfak Regent on International Cooperation in the fields of Economy, Investment, Industry, Education, Health and  Governance Affairs accompanied by dr. Gondo Suprapto, Head of Fakfak Healthcare Dept.  

In order to follow up this historical meeting of Fakfak Regency, and assist members of the US-ASEAN Business Council with information regarding Fakfak  Economic Potentials and Investment Opportunities (FEPIO), this page provide documents regarding Fakfak business and investment profiles,  business plans, cooperation programs, progress update, meeting/events  schedules, etc.

Documents will be available in English Version and Indonesian Version by Business Sectors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if need further info.


1. Economic Potentials & Investment Opportunities

II. List of Investment Business Plans. Click RED Words/Phrases for PDF Format Docs- Some need Passwords to access. Please Inquire from  on  Contact Us.

    1. Fakfak Livestock & Food Industries
    2. Nutmeg Trimyristin Processing Industry
    3. Oegar Resort & Natural Park Development
    4. Wayob Resort and Youth Recreation Center
    5. Monmon Bay Resort & Sealand Safari Park
    6. .Usulan Proyek Budidaya Ikan, Distrik Fakfak Barat


    1. Kerjasama investasi Kelompok Koperasi Nelayan dan BUMKAM
    2. Modal Investasi (Mixed Funding/SPK/Pinjaman Pihak Ketiga/Funders)
    3. Bantuan peraltan, Pembangunan prasarana dan sarana oleh Pemerintah
    4. Kerjasama Teknaik tentang Aqua Culture Farming System dgn Amerika/Norway
    5. Pemasaran dan Distribusi produk ikan untuk pasar domestik dan ekspor melalui Model Investasi JORTIP

Detail proposal dapat diunduh di SINI (Perlu Kata Sandi)

7. Bomberai International Airport Development

III. List of Trading Products (Sell & Buy List)

  1. Nutmeg & Mace
  2. Frozen Fish
  3. Tuna GG & Tuna Loin – Community Based Investment, Jayapura Model, Click HERE
  4. Salted Fish
  5. Flying Fish Eggs

IV. Tourism Promotion

Fakfak Sealand Safari Cruises Packages

  1. Cruises to Ancient Blood Finger Print
  2. Diving & Snorkeling in Ugar Island
  3. Ubadari River Falls & Mangrove Forest
  4. Momon Bay & Kitikiti Falls to Sea & Diving
  5. Fishing Games
  6. Birds of Paradise & Animal Viewings

V.  Capacity Building & Needs Assessment Programs

  1. SEMs Capacity Building (training & education)
  2. Needs Assessment
  3. Research
  4. Product Knowledge

VI. Forum & Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

  1. Stakeholders Partnership Coordinating Forum
  2. FGD (Based on Project Issues)
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