PT. Jobel Enerji Global (JEG), established in December 10, 2019 in Jakarta. It is a Papua based SME, located in Jl. Durian RT 03, Kampung Werba Utara, West Fakfak District of Fakfak Regency, Province of West Papua – Indonesia. Contact : +628111160295/081296373373, Email :

JEG will promote Economy of Fakfak Regency and other regencies in the Land of Papua. One of programs is to hold the First Fakfak-Papua Corridor Investment Forum in Jakarta on 30th of April  2020. Download flyer HERE.

JEG Investment List :

  1. Tuna GG & Loin Investment & Marketing plan. Click  this Link
  2. Crabs – Aquatic Culture & Marketing Cash flows. Click this Link
  3. Fakfak Cruise Tour Packages. Click Here.
  4. Aro-Industry – Bomberai Plan. Click Pre-Feasibility Study
  5. Bomberai Private International Airport. Click PFS
  6. Oegar Island Resort & Eco-Park. Click PFS
  7. Weyob – Long Island Resort & Recreation Center. Click PFS
  8. Monmon Bay-Kitikiti Falls Resort & Sealand Safari. Click PFS
  9. Drinking Water Factory Plan
  10. Solar Panel Electricity Plan

Investor (s) and Trader (s) are invited to cooperate with us.

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